I love this cream alternative as it’s so versatile- I have popped it on pies, drizzled it over crumbles, thrown it in soups and poured it in curries.

Alpro Soya Single Cream Alternative

Alpro Soya Single Cream Alternative

It has a subtle sweet taste so whatever you are putting it with won’t be overshadowed by the cream.

As it’s not fresh like animal based cream it keeps for far longer in the fridge and you have five days to use it up once you’ve opened it so there’s no need to use it all at once if you don’t need to.

I have bought it for a long time now. As I started to have severe reactions to cream, I was so grateful to find this- it was my saviour when I had no other option. Consequently- I have continued to buy it even though my symptoms eased because I chose to go vegan.

I started by putting into my chickpea tikka and I’ve never looked back. In fact, I have quite a reputation for my curries and my meat eating partner is happy to eat his chicken version with Alpro because it stops it being too watery.

The product often lurks in a small corner of the free from section in the refrigerator aisles of the supermarket, so you need to have a good hunt for it- but it’s well worth stocking up for whatever you might need it for.

It’s perfect for making your curry creamy if you’re a fan of kormas and tikkas and it doesn’t separate when you put it in the pan unlike some the fresh varieties. It just thickens up nicely.

Similarly, I have a soup maker and I often throw a whole carton in with whatever vegetables I’ve chosen and let it boil. The same thing- just a deliciously thick and creamy soup- without the powdery taste that’s a result of when fresh cream gets too warm.

It tastes just like the real thing when having a dessert like pie or a crumble, I take it straight out of the fridge and pour it over when the dessert is ready to serve. Let’s face it- there’s nothing like the taste of chilly ‘cream’ against a warm sweet treat.

I always have some of this in my fridge as you never know when you might need it.

And if we’re comparing- it has 10g of fat per 100g compared to 18g of fat in the single milk variety, with an impressive 122 calories per 100g compared to 188 calories in the traditional cartons.  You can’t argue with those numbers.

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