Sometimes you just have to go plain and simple- right?

Alpro Vanilla Ice Cream

Alpro Vanilla Ice Cream

Alpro’s new Vanilla ice cream is just that- no frills or fancies- just a good quality vanilla dessert. But when you know how to do something well- there is no need for bells and whistles and Alpro have certainly delivered with this.

The new flavour is as good as any ice cream I’ve tasted that’s been made by independent seller.

Let’s face it- when vanilla ice cream is made cheaply is a sad thing to eat. It tastes chemically and flat. This ice cream had a depth so flavour even though it was only one. Cleary the vanilla extract and seeds in the ingredients makes a huge difference to the taste.

In fact, I checked out a random supermarket own vanilla ice cream and it had no vanilla in it! No wonder it doesn’t taste as good.

I have to confess, I like to let my ice cream melt a little before digging in and once this had thawed- it had a really light and fluffy texture about it- almost like it had been whipped.

Plus, this brand doesn’t rely on milk for the creaminess- just 100% plant based goodness that offers the same- if not better richness and creaminess that you want from an ice cream.

I don’t normally opt for vanilla, I have to be honest- but I was entirely happy having a bowl of this on its down- it didn’t need any accompaniments. Sadly, I never thought whizz it up and make a milkshake out of it as it suggests on the website but I guess that’s what tub number two will be for!

Another thing what really impressed me was the amount of protein- nearly 3 times the amount of the own brand stuff and 9.8g fibre compared to just 0.5g per 100ml in the unbranded version- both of which are vital on a vegan diet. 

So- my take home? Vanilla, is not boring- vanilla is not ordinary or standard- when it’s made with love- it’s the best flavour there is!  

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