The Booja Booja Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle ice cream contains just five ingredients- water, agave syrup, cashew, nuts and cocoa powder.

Booja Booja Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle

Booja Booja Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle

The best way to describe this ice cream is like a big tub of Ferrero Rocher innards- but smooth and cold. 

So, if you have just turned vegan or been diagnosed with a dairy intolerance and Ferrero Rocher or indeed a chocolate bar with hazelnuts is your favourite thing in the world- this will satisfy any cravings you have for a nuts and chocolate combo.

The flavour of the hazelnuts if very prominent and it genuinely tastes like a cool truffle but both the cashew and the hazelnuts are smooth so there is nothing to get stuck in your teeth.

You could even get a melon baller and scoop out little truffle balls if you like. So it feels like you’re eating a bowl of truffles- just ones that are made for the summer!

The ice cream is mostly plain but it is dotted throughout with little sticky surprises, which offer a different texture for the palate and a more intense hazelnut flavour.

There is nothing like a large bowl of ice cream on a hot summer’s day and with the weather we’ve just had- never before has this dessert been so welcome.

Another delicious offering from Booja Booja- however I was surprised that it didn’t have some chunky hazelnut pieces in it to bring another layer of texture to the product.

With that said, if you’re like me and prefer your ice cream to have a bit of bite, there is nothing to stop you from sprinkling some chopped nuts on the top.

I decided to crack this open when I had a night to myself while my husband was out with his mates and it was the ideal accompaniment to a girly chick flick. But I have to confess, it didn’t last longer than the opening credits! 

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