This flavour of ice cream is not only dairy free, organic, gluten and soya free but it is also made without any refined sugars. So, what’s in it? You might ask.

Booja Booja Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Booja Booja Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

It only contains five ingredients in the whole tub- water, agave syrup, cashew nuts, freeze dried raspberries and vanilla extract. That’s it!

Forget everything you think you know about raspberry ripple ice cream as this one does not taste like the ones you’ve had before.

You can really taste the nuts in the ice cream with this flavour- compared to the caramel, chocolaty varieties by Booja Booja which mask the intensity of the nuts a little.

On its own, I would have found this far too sickly and samey but then you get a hit of intense tanginess from the raspberries, which melted and formed into something similar to a jam. Again, the raspberries on their own would be too tart, but somehow the whole thing works together when you get a scoop of everything there is to offer in the tub.

I tested this out on my partner and he wasn’t keen. Unlike other vegan ice creams- that taste exactly like the original- he found the strength of the nuttiness too much for his taste buds. I was ok with this however because there was more for me!

I on the other hand was more of a fan- but what I will say is- it’s rich- and you only need a little bit to feel like you’ve had a post dinner time treat.

We know nuts and fruit go together- cherry and almond is one of the best favour combinations out there- it’s just a little unusual to find cashews and raspberries in the same dish never mind in an ice cream.

So, don’t dive in expecting it to be exactly like the raspberry ripples of your childhood- but give it a go with an open mind.

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