Selasi Gbormittah, The Great British Bake Offs break-out star and motorcycling banker, is here to help you reach for the beach this summer….from the comfort of your own back garden.  Whether you are planning a family get together or spontaneously firing up the barbecue after a day at work, Selasi’s recipe will provide you with the inspiration to make meal times a true summer celebration.

Corn On The Cob With Coconut, Lime And Paprika

Corn On The Cob With Coconut, Lime And Paprika


Serves (4)

  • Corn on a cob – 4
  • Lime (zest and juice)- 1
  • Sea salt - ½ tsp
  • Paprika - 1 tsp
  • Vita Coco Coconut Oil, melted - 1 tbsp.


  • In a medium bowl, mix the lime, salt, paprika and Vita Coco Coconut Oil.
  • Rub this on your corn and grill on your BBQ for 10-15 minutes, rotating as you grill.
  • Brush occasionally with Vita Coco Coconut Oil as you grill.
  • Serve straight away when ready.