Families up and down Britain are binning their take out menus and cutting out the fatty foods in favour of healthier meal choices according to a new study by Quorn.

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

People are in a good place when it comes to eating because they've realised that taste is not something they have to sacrifice when eating something low in saturated fat, or indeed, meat free. 53% agreed that healthier doesn't have to mean tasteless.

81% of people would make the switch to protein rich, low fat, meat free foods if it meant they could still enjoy their favourite meals.

Peter Harrison, Marketing Director at Quorn Foods said: " It is great that people are switching to foods which are better for them, and for their families.

" The stereotypical view used to be that you can't have healthy, tasty food, but these figures now show that this is not the case, with the majority of respondents agreeing that nowadays you can have healthy food without compromising on taste.

"There has been much made of this country's problems with obesity in recent times, so simple solutions to eat healthy forms of protein, such as Quorn Pieces, in everyday family meals, are significant.

"Whether it's breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, or dinner we offer delicious meat free alternatives to almost every recipe that can be thought of. Our Meat Free Chicken Pieces can go into an exotic and tasty Thai Green Curry - with both products being a nutritionally healthy protein source* and low in saturated fat."

To view Quorn's wide range of recipes and products, or for more information on healthy eating, go to quorn.co.uk/recipes

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