Anthony Welsh recently became the UK's Hottest Male Vegan for 2016- awarded by PETA- so we caught up with him to ask him what such an accolade means to him.

Anthony Walsh

Anthony Walsh

How did it feel when you were crowned the sexiest vegan of 2016?

It felt awesome! Mainly for the opportunity to spread the vegan message over a wider range of audience, but yes, having the hottest vegan crown definitely makes you feel good!

When did you find out and who was the first person you told?

I found out only about it the week after the competition ended, one of the most nervous times of my life! Nobody were told until the results were announced by PETA, but when they were- I told my mother and father straight away!

What do you think gave you the advantage over the other contenders?

I think everyone did well, however a few contestants were more persistent in spreading the vegan message and getting that information out, including easy vegan meals and lifestyle benefits, whether it is fitness or health, or just trying to make that transition. If you are applying that effort daily, I think that is what stands out!

How are you going to use your new title?

By telling everyone I am PETA's Hottest Male Vegan! I'm joking, I'll use my title hopefully to look a bit more serious when contacting professional bodies, to allow me to promote veganism, I think with PETA behind you, you get taken a lot more seriously!

For those who want to enter next year - what advice do you have for them?

To definitely grasp that vegan activist lifestyle, you don't have to go and protest on the streets, as long as you are getting the information out, whether it is by social media or educating friends and family, I think that is the most important aspect! And also promote how good the vegan lifestyle is treating you!

Why is it important to be attractive on the inside?

Looks definitely fade! In some cases, I mean Brad Pitt is still rocking it. But it is very important to have a kind and compassionate heart. I believe beauty comes from within - physical appearance is nothing without having a kind and warm soul.

What are you looking forward to the most moving forward?

I am definitely looking for opportunities to jump on, in regards to veganism and activism. And I would love to meet some of the PETA team too! I also cannot wait to try out some of the vegan restaurants London has to offer.

What is next for you after you check out?

Hopefully I will get to travel the world sometime soon, veganism is becoming a HUGE part of my life, so I have a lot of thinking to do in regards to my career path and where I want to focus my interests. But I definitely do not want all this to end!

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