Lily Vanilli has developed recipes for some of the most indulgent treats that are both totally delicious but also 100% vegan to launch Baileys Almande their new vegan-friendly almond milk Baileys.  We caught up with her to discuss how to be a vegan with a naughty streak! 

Lily Vanilli

Lily Vanilli

What do you like most about cooking with Baileys new Almande?

I love the lighter, fresher taste of Baileys Almande and the almond flavour is perfect for so many recipes. The fact that it’s dairy-free means we can use it in a lot of our vegan dishes and bakes which is a bonus.

What is your favourite recipe using the new Baileys Almande?

 I love it in a coconut cream and in my vegan brownie, the Baileys Almande gelato by Nonna's is incredible too.

How important so you think it is that big brands like Baileys introduce vegan options to their range?

I'm not a vegan myself but I know that so many of my customers are, so over the years I have developed a range that means people can still indulge in my desserts if they cut out dairy. It's nice to see big brands doing the same, especially one like Baileys which is so ubiquitous and well loved.

Why has vegan food got a reputation for not being very indulgent?

I think anything that requires 'cutting out' foods is going to feel restrictive, and dairy has traditionally been key in some of the most indulgent dishes whether sweet or savoury. However, there are a lot of very clever chefs and bakers around finding delicious ways to still be indulgent without it.

Why is it important to be a naughty vegan sometimes?

Everyone needs a break!

What is your favourite indulgent vegan snack?

My vegan brownie and vegan cookie are delicious, even if I do say so myself!

What is next for you?

Im working on a project in China and opening a bakery in Tbilisi, Georgia. I'm also working on a follow up book to entitled #BakeforSyria - coming out in the summer :)

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