As Christmas approaches, the need for nibbles is growing, which is why I was so pleased to hear the Linda McCartney have released new Vegetarian Chorizo Cocktail Sausages ready for buffet tables everywhere. I was even more thrilled when I was asked to try them!

Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Chorizo Cocktail Sausages

Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Chorizo Cocktail Sausages

These are basically little versions of the Vegetarian Chorizo and Red Pepper Sausages- so you don’t have to cut up and share the star ingredient for your next lot of bangers and mash- bonus!

The most noticeable difference with these little guys is they are a bit greasier than the other vegan sausages in the range. This might sound like a bad thing, but it does help them not to stick to the oven tray when they’re ready to come out.

They have a denser consistency to them like the real deal so in some ways they are much more satisfying as they lay a little heavier on the tummy and make you feel fuller faster. This is great news if you are an incessant buffet picker like me.

The smoked paprika makes the kitchen smell very nice while they are cooking but it also gives the sausages a little kick. And just enough too- I don’t like my food spicy so these have just enough flavour without being overbearing.

The red pepper works really well to offer a different texture to the soya protein and gives it a fresh taste. And thanks to the tomato puree you can save on dip because it serves all your tomato needs in one mouthful.

They only take 12 minutes in the oven so if you are holding an impromptu get together, then you don’t need long for these to go from freezer to plate.

One thing that’s a big plus point for this product is that it contains no sugar- so if you’re a vegan who’s looking to cut down on their hidden sugar intake these are great to eat as snacks or have a few at dinner time with some mash or chips.

I would buy this product again, especially with the party season looming. It’s so handy to have something in the freezer than you can get out and have on the table within 20 minutes.

Plus, they won’t play havoc with your waistline either. If you’re trying to stay trim for that little black dress- these work out at around 25 calories per sausage so they won’t harm your chances of maintaining your party figure.

Perfect with some pineapple and pickled onions on sticks- these will form the ideal party snack for guests. And if you don’t tell them they’re vegan, my guess is they would never know the difference.

It’s so exciting to see the Linda McCartney range expand so quickly, even more so around the holidays!