Lou Sanders

Lou Sanders

When did you decide to go vegan?

When I realised how SEXY it was. Which was about three years ago to be fair.  

Please tell us about your reasons for going plant-based. 

Well, here’s an example of just one little reason… have you seen a nice chill, mild mannered cow with big brown eyes? Nice guys right?  They have babies and they really love them, like us, and then we rip their babies away from them immediately and the cows cry out in suffering. Then we artificially inseminate them again and start the torture process all over again. So there’s a cow being long term tortured for a product that is undrinkable until we add a load of sugar to it (and it already is full of antibiotics which aren’t good for humans or cows or the planet). And the whole thing is pretty bloody mad, but we are brainwashed because our parents did it, we’re like, ‘yep that makes sense’.  And no part of it makes sense.  That’s just one element, don’t even get me started on chickens and so called ‘free range chickens.’  

What advice do you have for vegetarians to make the final transition? 

Cheese and dairy is all part of the same industry so it’s good to be vegetarian but you’re still contributing to the same life of suffering by eating diary.  OK, I’m usually funnier but the planet is crumbling so allow me to be earnest while we still have the time.

What are your thoughts on Veganuary? 

Do it and then continue it on for the other 11 months. It  gets easier the more you do it.  

 How did people around you react when you went vegan? 

My mum did say she thought I was doing it for attention and I said ‘mother - I have stand up for that, now make me an egg free omelet you little bitch.’  The first part of this is true but now she is VERY supportive and on board - especially with the undeniable evidence of how bad meat production / consumption is for the planet.  

What vegan foods/ beauty products/clothing brands can you not live without? 

I mean live without is a bit strong but I love all of the vegan brands. Po-Zu shoes are lush, booja booja chocolates, Iceland do a great vegan range, and there’s some great Cauldron stuff of course.  

What is your favourite vegan meal to make at home? 

Toast! I’m busy.  

What are your top tips for being vegan? 

Watch all the gruesome videos - get your head around alternatives and know that it gets so much easier it really does. And tell everyone ‘I’m vegan’ with a smirk on your face that implies you are better than them - they love that!!  

What is next for you?  

Quite a few writing projects - lots of tele out this year that I filmed ages ago and after this very earnest interview I dare say a heck of a lot of kissing!  

Lou Sanders is on a UK tour and is hosting The Cauldron Comedy Club on 15th Veganuary at Lumiere London. Further info at www.lousanders.com

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