Author Margi Ross has been vegetarian for over forty years now- so we caught up with her to ask her why she switched to a plant based diet all that time ago. 

Margi Ross

Margi Ross

Please tell us when and why you decided to become a vegetarian.

This was 42 years ago. I imagined what it would be like to be a chicken hanging upside down, absolutely terrified and about to be killed or any other animal about to be slaughtered and I stopped eating all meat and fish.

Is veganism something you would ever consider?

Yes, specially as it’s so easy to buy vegan food now. I will go vegan this year as I think it’s so important not to exploit animals for any reason.

To what extent do you believe plant based foods give you the energy to write?

They give me all the energy I need and they taste amazing!

What is your favourite veggie snack to eat while you are in the midst of writing a story?

I love grapes, or if I’m very hungry and need some protein, a Quorn sandwich does it for me.

Is vegetarianism something you’ve ever wanted to write about?

Yes. More and more people are understanding that animals are not here to be eaten, that they are here to live and relate to their own friends and to us, if we are open to this.

What is your favourite plant based dish to make at home?

I like to buy some favourite organic veg, say carrots, onions, mushrooms, fennel, potatoes, greens, whatever is available. Then chop them up and saute them in a little oil with some garlic, some veggie bouillon and a little water. Stir until they soften.  Serve with veggie burgers or Quorn, or nut cutlets.

What does a typical day look like in terms of what you eat?

Breakfast. Toast and honey.

10am Bowl of oats. Bit of milk. Banana or other fruit.

Lunch. Some grains and a salad, with fruit in it and various veg.

5ish. Depends how hungry I am. Quorn or a veggie burger, or quiche, plus some salad. Or just a sandwich. Non dairy ice cream and wafer. Glass of wine (Suitable for veggies) about twice a week.

Have you ever encouraged anyone to go veggie?

Yes. I’ve done this for years. Most of my friends and relatives are veggie and I’ve always encouraged people I’ve met.

What would your advice be to someone who is thinking of going veggie?

Get the protein right. Find out what you like that gives you energy. Be patient while you experiment with veggie food.

What is next for you?

Helping Feminine values come into the institutions so that the souls and bodies of all creatures are always treated kindly. The Feminine is about relationship and having a kind and loving relationship with all creatures. Helping women support what they know about Feminine truth and reality.

© Margi Ross. June 2017.


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