I am a huge fan of the Nakd bars so every time there is a new flavour, I live in hope that it’s going to be a good one!

Nakd Cocoa Coconut

Nakd Cocoa Coconut

It might not matter to some, but I love the packaging of this bar- combining two of my favourite colours- blue and brown- which for me conjures up images of the blue sea, cloudless skies, coconut shells and tall trees. Basically, some far flung place you might go on your vacation.  

If you’re a fan of the Bounty bar and looking for a raw, gluten, wheat and dairy free alternative- this is the bar for you. It has all the same things you might like about a Bounty bar- just without the moo- i.e. it’s vegan friendly because it doesn’t have any milk in it.  

When you open it, it smells like holidays- sipping Pina Coladas next to the beach- but if you’re skint like me- this is a cheaper way to get the same rush at your desk at work.  

It’s very moist inside and coconut shavings gives it a lovely bite too so you feel like you’re eating something substantial.

The only difference between this and a Bounty is that the cocoa is mixed in with the coconut rather than being on the outside.

The bar is made up of just dates, coconut, raisins, cashews and cocoa- so if you’re following a clean eating plan these are ideal as a snack that you can throw in your handbag for when you feel the urge to nibble. I keep mine in my desk drawer to stop me from grabbing something unhealthy when that inevitable post dinner slump arrives.

The bar counts as one of your five a day too and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I would rather have one of these than a piece of fruit. *BRB just apologising to my overflowing fruit bowl*

In terms of calories- there is not much difference between eating one of these and a Bounty bar, it all depends where you want your calories to come from.

Overall, this is another great addition to the range and the release date is perfect as it captures summer smells and tastes in one tiny package. 

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