Say hello to the world’s first grab and go soup that can be heated and drunk straight from the bottle. Available in three flavours in Waitrose from the 25th of September, Re:Nourish’s range of delicious soups are here to revolutionise your lunch break while keeping you healthy and nourished even on the busiest of days.



Bursting with soup-er tasty nutritional goodness, the soups come in handy heatable bottles that can be opened, re-sealed, and put back in your bag when on the move.   

A love affair with nature, the soups are filled with purpose and made with the most vibrant of vegetables and other delicious natural plant-based ingredients. Each variety has been created with a specific health benefit in mind and are made with selected super ingredients based on proven health properties.

The game changing idea came from ex cardiac nurse, Nicci Clark, who was the founder of Nourished, one of the UK’s first fresh food delivery companies specialising in nutritionally balanced meals: “We all live incredibly demanding and hectic lives but my experience in nursing brought home that you only live once and that it’s extremely important to eat good, nutritious food.”

The tasty bottled soups are perfect if you want to try the newest health trend, souping, a.k.a the new juicing, which has already gained vast popularity over in LA and NYC. An alternative way of getting your nutrients in without the high sugar content of juices, the soups can also be enjoyed cold or hot, straight from the bottle or in a bowl! 

You’ll struggle to decide which one to try first:


Packed full of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, this soup tastes as vibrant as it looks. Thanks to the incredible powers of ginger, this soup is a hug for your tummy.


This soup is all about improving your immune system. A delicious blend of spinach, turmeric, and kale, the queen of veggies, you’ll feel the best version of yourself after having this tasty health kick.


Jam packed with nutritional goodness, this variety also includes passion flower to help you de-stress and conquer the world.

In addition to the exceptional taste, you’re making a sustainable choice with Re:Nourish as their bottles are all fully recyclable. What’s more, the soups are plant-based, gluten free, dairy free, and low fat, and contain no artificial preservatives, additives, or added sugar.

There is nothing complicated about Re:Nourish’s recipes, yet every bottle is guaranteed to pack a flavour-filled punch. If you fill yourself with goodness, you feel good. Simple!

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