Vegan’ and ‘truffles’ is not something I would expect to see together. I thought vegans were resigned to bars of dark chocolate for the rest of their days but alas- no! Booja Booja has saved the day!

Booja Booja Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles

Booja Booja Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles

The truffles come in a small black and gold box- with a taunting picture of them cut in half on the front so you can catch a glimpse of what to expect once you take a bite!

When you open it up, the little carboard tray is encased in a brown and gold placket to keep them fresh and as soon as your tear it open- the smell hits you and there is no going back!

The truffles are covered with a little square of paper- like the one on top of After Eights- (presumably to add to the anticipation) along with a ‘Boojagram’- mine read- 'are you looking out for sweet spots?'- very apt- because- yes, yes I was!

The dainty tray holds nine truffles- I know what you’re thinking- ‘only nine!’- but believe me that’s enough. These are indulgent and rich and only meant to be had in small portions! I should know, I ate all nine on one go- you know- for review purposes.  

Each chocolate is held within a little paper case- like the ones used for cupcakes and only the tops of the truffles are visible. I’m not going to lie- they are a little bit messy as they are covered in a cocoa powder, so your fingers get coated once you pick one up- but it’s worth it!

Once you sink your teeth into the truffle, you can feel the little bits of hazelnut between your teeth, while the chocolate ganache melts in your mouth.

Each truffle contains only six ingredients- chocolate, cane sugar, vanilla, coconut oil, hazelnuts and cocoa powder. A little different to the more mainstream vegan chocolate on the market at this time of year. And they are all organic.

Overall, these little squares of heaven are my front runners for vegan chocolate this year. I can’t fault them because they taste so creamy- you would assume there was milk in there somewhere- but no!

They are the perfect size for stockings if you want to treat someone special. They are also gluten free- so perfect for coeliac friends and family too.

I felt very important opening this regal looking box of truffles and everyone needs to feel like that every once in while!

Thank you to Riverford for the sample.


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