Daughter of the Soil is a new brand that boasts natural ingredients and no parabens, fragrance, alcohol, dye, petroleum, mineral oil, lanolin, hydroquinone, genotoxin, propylene or petrochemicals.

Daughter of the Soil Marula Hand Wash

Daughter of the Soil Marula Hand Wash

The hand wash is made from Marula seed oil from South Africa, which is often referred to as a ‘miracle oil’ because of its remarkable qualities. This type of oil is high in oleic acid, so it locks in moisture and creates a protective barrier on the skin. Ideal if you wash your hands a lot like I do.

The inspiration for creating the range came from Maria Magembe, CEO of Daughter Of The Soil’s, Great Grandmother Onyang who believed in the benefits of nature and non-toxic beauty- a philosophy that they continue to incorporate within Daughter of The Soil. This couldn't be more timely given the rise in people seeking out clean prodcuts for their bodies.  

The bottle itself is white and rose gold- so very in vogue colours right now- but if you are conscious about everything matching- this is neutral enough to go with any bathroom décor.

The small writing assures the buyer that the ingredients are natural and naturally derived, however I would like to see some reassurances for vegans on there. The products are not tested on animals and the ingredients are clearly very carefully selected but a leaping bunny symbol would help to promote this element more.

I am very particular about buying things that clearly state they are for vegans and I’m sure I’m not alone. Perhaps a mention of this on the back of the bottle might be something the company will consider in future?

The only way I can describe the smell of the hand wash is a spa in a bottle. All those spicy scents that one associates with the different sensory rooms- that is exactly what this smells of- a relaxing spa day. So, if you’ve ever been on a spa day, this will take you right back or whet your appetite for the next one!

One of my guests even asked me where I got it after she used our bathroom as she was so taken with the smell. I don’t receive comments like that with my normal brand!

The bottle lasted me a good while and left my hands feeling soft and smooth afterwards, compared to my usual choice.

Overall, I was very impressed with the product and made a luxurious change to my usual supermarket own selection.  

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