I was under the impression that when you bought a product that was vegan it was automatically cruelty free and that a cruelty free product was instantly vegan too, however as I have learned- this is not the case.

Shea Moisture Superfruits Shampoo

Shea Moisture Superfruits Shampoo

So on the hunt to find something that fulfilled both of these- I came across Shea Moisture Superfruits Complex.

It claims on the bottle that it's a 10 in 1 renewal system- it's sulphate free, anti-ageing, offers colour protection, hydrating, nourishing, rejuvenating, anti-stressing and makes hair more manageable and soft. Surely one product couldn't do all of this right? I decided to put it to the test.

The first thing you notice with this product is that it smells gorgeous- the scent certainly lives up to its name as it's really fruity and this lovely aroma stays on the hair all day long.

Secondly, I dye my hair every two months or so and my last shampoo totally stripped my hair of its colour. The colour was draining faster than usual from my hair and consequently my greys were showing well before they should have. So it needed a miracle to get it back to its former glory. 

With this shampoo, the lack of sulphates means it holds the colour and doesn't strip the hair of its tones and its shine so my colour lasted until my next application.

You don't need a lot either so your £10 or so goes a long way- the same with the conditioner.

Speaking of the conditioner- with cheaper brands- the conditioner simply sits on the hair and you feel like you're washing off exactly as much as you put on. With this, there is little residue so I presume it's sinking into my hair rather than just coating it- wasting my time and my money like many a conditioner that's gone before.

I was concerned about this product- given that it's not specifically designed for curly hair. That said, it contains all the things curly hair needs- specifically, a means of creating more moisture from the Marula Oil and the Biotin.

My hairdresser told me that curly hair is drier than straight hair so it needs that extra hit of moisture and this product certainly delivers in this area too.

The fact that this product works and is vegan as well as cruetly free ticks all the boxes for me.

Sadly, the bottle doesn't confirm that it's vegan, however I have checked the ingredients, looked on other blogs and emailed the company who confirmed that their following products are vegan and cruelty free:


Yucca & Plantain collection

Raw Shea Butter collection

SuperFruit Complex collection

African Black Soap collection

Fruit Fusion collection

Face & Body:

Lemongrass & Tea Tree collection (except Bubble Bath)

Lavender & Wile Orchid collection (except Bubble Bath & Body Wash)

Raw Shea Butter collection (except Body Wash)

My only complaint about this product is that it doesn't clearly state it's vegan on the packaging, which I know reading from various blogs- is something that puts vegans off buying, as does the lack of the leaping bunny logo. It just says 'tested on our family for four generations'.

This range is something I will be buying again now the website has confirmed the vegan element for me. I just hope that others take the time out to do their research on this product or that the company add a little vegan friendly message on there in future to give their customers peace of mind.


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