While you may not be able to have a designated Christmas jumper day in the office this year, there’s nothing stopping you from making every day in December a Christmas jumper day while working from home or selecting a day of your own- here’s why. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You will make people smile on Zoom calls: Nothing perks up a meeting more than someone in a rather jolly Christmas jumper. You can compare your jumpers and explain why you chose the one you’re sporting, even if it’s ‘my wife chose this one for me so I have to wear it!’

It changes up the mundane: It certainly offers something else to talk about other than covid or the weather, which let’s face it is depressing and boring. Encourage people to talk about something happier in these difficult times like why you’ve chosen to dress so ridiculously! 

It’s a talking point: Especially for people you don’t know- so if you are meeting a colleague for the first time you can use it as an ice breaker to get the conversation flowing before you get down to work. It can ease nerves and level the playing field, especially if you are management and talking with your staff. 

We all need cheering up: This year has been dreadful in so many ways and staff need little things to make themselves feel better while they miss out on the office Christmas environment. A jumper will lift your spirits even if you can’t engage in the usual banter and make you feel more festive.

It shows people you are human and capable of a bit of fun: While there is a time and a place for lighthearted jumpers (make sure you aren’t wearing one when you’re disciplining someone) it shows the people you work with that there is more to you than just what you do for a living. People need this sense of personality sometimes to establish a connection. 

It helps us to look forward: If December is a busy month for you- looking down at your Christmas jumper will help you to remember why you are giving it your all over the next few weeks- so you can spend precious moments with family, enjoy some time off and eat and drink a little more than you really should!

You can raise money too: If you buy a charity jumper such as the ones below for Action of Children, you will be spreading the joy of Christmas AND helping to change the lives of children by making them feel safe and happy at the same time. Now you can’t say fairer than that! You could also give one as a Secret Santa present and have it delivered to their house if you won’t be seeing them in person. 

Action for Children sweatshirts are available from £20 at www.actionforchildren.teemill.com and all proceeds go to Action for Children

Merry Christmas to all the people working from home this year! 

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