It’s an age old tradition that the bride and groom exchange rings to symbolise their love for each other when they wed, but now rings are being scrapped and tattoos are in.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Katie Waissel announced her engagement to model Brad Alphonso this week and posted a picture of the pairs hands with a heart tattooed on their ring fingers.

The trend is also being followed by tennis star Kim Clijsters, as she revealed her etching at Wimbledon this week.

Another advocate of the ring tattoo is Billie Piper, who has her husbands named tattooed across her ring finger.

What happened to the good old wedding ring? It’s so much easier, and pain free, to have a traditional wedding ring.

With the rate of divorces being what it is in the UK at the moment, is it really sensible to permanently mark your skin to symbolise the person you love? If it all ends badly you’ll have the permanent reminder attached to your finger.

On the plus side, a ring tattoo is a lot lighter on the purse strings, estimated at a cost of around £70.

There’s also no chance that you’ll lose it down the drain or risk having the stone falling out down the bath plug.

There are many pluses to having a ring tattoo, but I’m afraid that they one con is a pretty big one, but would it be enough to stop you joining this trend?

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