Shiny pink sashes and L-plates not quite your thing? Leave your high heels at home and plan an active hen party for your girls. Here are ten reasons to ditch the plastic whistles for high ropes and trainers.

Leave the balloons and the L-plates behind!

Leave the balloons and the L-plates behind!

Planning a hen party doesn't need to be stressful. But with so many activities out there, it's difficult to know which to choose. When organising an amazing celebration for your bride-to-be, there is one thing to decide: relaxing pamper session or epic, action-packed weekend the girls will never forget. Here's why you should get your adrenalin pumping and opt for an active hen party…

Reason 1

Break the ice at the hen party with a hilarious activity that will make even the shyest members of the group open up. You'll learn so much about each other that the rest of the weekend will be an absolute breeze.

Reason 2

There is nothing that says 'I'm a powerful woman' than proving to you and your best friends that you have what it takes to abseil down a 150-foot quarry wearing a super cute climbing outfit. This climbing and abseiling experience is out of this world.

Reason 3

In ten years from now, you *might* remember that facial you got in Bath. But more likely than not, you'll definitely remember that game of Football May-Hen where Julie went flying across the field and bounced off the goal post. Zorb football is fun, competitive and you won't be able to keep a straight face as your friends bounce around the pitch.

Reason 4

Learn a new skill! Get some new dance moves under your belt. There are so many genres you could try out. Love Michael Jackson? Learn the choreography to Thriller! You'll be the envy of every dance party from now on.

Reason 5

Bond with your group over common ground. Ok, so maybe it's a bit left field to sign up to an assault course or archery lesson, but you'll have a story to tell forever. Or at least it will be a great conversation starter at the wedding reception!

Reason 6

Why should boys have all the fun? Seriously, girls. It's time to kick into gear.

Reason 7

What better way to prepare for the big day than a health and fitness theme to the hen party! A super charged breakfast, followed by an energetic Beyoncé style dance class. Now that's a hen party.

Reason 8

Your bride-to-be will probably be expecting a super relaxed weekend full of pamper sessions, drinking and embarrassing accessories. Organise the ultimate hen party prank and give her something to really sweat over. She'll thank you for it.

Reason 9

An active hen party doesn't have to mean you'll be stuck having nightmares of school sports days whilst wearing a pink sash and veil. Enjoy a really fun day splashing about with a water sports taster day. So much better than the sports you remember as a kid and an amazing experience will be had by everyone in your group.

Reason 10

Get remembered for organising the most epic, activity filled hen do your best friends will remember for a lifetime!

These inspiring reasons to opt for an active hen party are from Red7, the leading group travel expert specialising in hen and stag dos. Red7 provides groups with an extensive range of seriously fun activities in the UK and overseas. Visit their website to enquire about a trip or call us today on 01273 872200 to speak with one of our Group Travel Gurus about organising your perfect hen party.

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