Chuck Norris and Gena O'Kelly celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary today, so we reflect on their time as husband and wife. 

Chuck Norris and family (Credit: Famous)

Chuck Norris and family (Credit: Famous)

1. O'Kelly is 23 years younger than Norris.

2. They married on 28th November 1998 in The North Church in Carrolton, Texas.

3. According to Norris' book- Against All Odds, Gena and him met in Dallas back in 1997 while he was on a dinner date with someone else. He said; "Gena came on the set the next day and played a small part on the show ... I invited her to dinner that night ... I wanted to get to know Gena better, so I asked her to return to Dallas as soon as possible. She came back a couple of weeks later, and our friendship grew into a dating relationship . Before long I felt myself falling head over heels in love." (Page 196-97)

4. O'Kelly had two children from her previous marriage and she delivered twins on 30th August 2001; Dakota and Danilee.

5. O'Kelly appeared in an infomercial, hosted by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, for the "Total Gym" fitness program in 2009.

6. O'Kelly was also a co-hostess, with Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, for the "Total Gym" fitness system. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary Chuck and Gena!

Source: Wikipedia and IMDB.

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