George Home has found that half of the UK worries about the cost of weddings. Those that have this concern blame the venue hire as the reason wedding prices are so high. This has resulted in a lot of couples hosting their wedding at home. In fact 29% of couples looking to get married are opting for a reception in their own house and garden rather than spending the majority of their budget on location.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Furthermore, couples are making their own favours, decorations, invitations and cakes to save even more money.

Those keeping things close to home are able to source their own decorations too, such as balloons, fairy lights, bunting and paper decorations which transforms their regular back garden into a wedding wonderland.

This has seen a massive reduction in wedding packages as family and friends can help out with things that would normally be incorporated into such a combination.

Many ask their mums to cover the catering and have a buffet over a three course meal and their friends to put on some music. A third use a taxi of their own transportation to get there and half of women will do their down hair and make-up in place of hiring someone o do it.

Couples in their twenties are more determined to shave off as much expense as they can buy whatever means necessary. The guest list is often trimmed and some lovers have even got married abroad in order to put people off attending because of the cost of getting there.

Katie Phipps, Design Expert at You and Your Wedding said:

"DIY weddings have become a huge trend; whether you are looking to add a few personal touches to your theme, or completely transform your venue into a creative wonderland, you can easily put your own stamp on your big day. Details such as personalized signs, home-made favours and bunting are all very on-trend."

A spokesperson for George Home commented:

"So much goes into planning a wedding - whether big or small - and cost can be a worry. We know that our shoppers want a special day to remember and where better to host your loved ones than in your own or a friend's home? The trend for DIY receptions is a great way to save money with the freedom to decorate the space exactly how you like it.

We've launched the Wedding Shop on our Asda Party website so that couples can be inspired by our carefully curated wedding themes and shop 100s of decorations and ideas all in one convenient place. With everything from chair sashes to hanging lanterns, we're here to take the stress out of wedding planning and save lots of pennies at the same time!"

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