Paper can be a tricky anniversary gift to get right- it can be anything from a love letter to a cheque- but if you are stuck we have some great ideas to make the most of your first year together.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Newspaper- Make your other half breakfast in bed and pop a newspaper with it from the day you got married. Sites like will print these out for a small fee and you can look back together on what other things happened on your wedding day while you were distracted with one another. 

Tickets- to a show/ football game/ cinema/ concert/ comedian- whatever their preference- everyone loves an activity date night.

A Photograph- Print out your favourite photo of you both in the last year. You may have tons of formal shots from your wedding- but find one that is relaxed and natural, when it's just the two of you.

A Poem- If you are a wordsmith- this is a great and inexpensive gift- all you need is inspiration and a really beautiful frame.

A Book- Has your partner been hankering after a particular novel for a while? If so buy them a signed copy or a hardback make it more of a keepsake.

A Card- If you have agreed to keep it simple then a well-chosen card will always go down well- why not write your own verse for inside or make one yourself?

A Journal/ Diary/ Notebook- Is your partner always forgetting things? Then something this this would be a great way to get them to remember important dates- like your next anniversary. This is also the ideal gift for someone who if forever making lists. You could even get it personalised. 

A Plane Ticket- To a destination they have always wanted to go- a little on the expensive side, but if you are looking to make a grand gesture- this will tick all the boxes.

A Poster- Do they have a favourite movie/ play/ book? Then why not get a signed copy of the poster and frame it? Something to look at on your wall that will always remind you of this special day. 

A Scratch Card or Lottery Ticket- You never know, you could have financial freedom on your next anniversary.

A Scrapbook- If your are one of those couples that keeps every memory you can of your partnership- cinema tickets, theatre tickets, cards, photographs- then take some of these and pop them into a scrap book. It will not only keep them safe but organised too and you can keep adding to it every anniversary thereafter.

A Magazine Subscription- It might be practical but it's a gift that keeps on giving all year around.

Vouchers- Make your own vouchers for a foot rub, a home cooked meal, a date night out, a massage- whatever you and your partner enjoy doing together- let them cash in their vouchers for a surprise romantic evening.

A Travel Guide- If you have booked a holiday or plan to, this can be a great way to surprise them- or can plan it together if you have both longed go to the same place for a while.

A Scratch Map- If you are a well-travelled couple- then why not buy them a scratch map? You can scratch off, just like a scratch card, where you have been and plan where you still have to explore.

An Invitation- To a restaurant they love, or an activity day- whatever they have been hinting at all year through and set it up for them so all they have to do is go and enjoy!

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