Hotly rumoured to be in the running as the honeymoon destination for the most anticipated wedding of 2018 - that of Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle - the Caribbean island of Nevis is the perfect, romantic idyl for newlyweds.Whether royal or not!

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

From the vivid green inland, to the tranquil beaches, the wealth of outdoor activities and exclusive hotels, Nevis truly has something for everyone.

Famed as one of the most romantic, charming and historic islands in the West Indies, Nevis and its relaxed pace of life, is the  ideal setting for a relaxing honeymoon.

For those seeking unspoilt natural beauty, the hunt is over. At just 36 miles squared, Nevis is a small slice of paradise, surrounded by white sandy beaches fringed with palms and luscious emerald green jungle vegetation.

In crystal clear, tropical waters, newlyweds can expect to swim alongside giant sea turtles in the daytime and can volunteer in the evening to help tag the turtles and collect information about the endangered animal, supporting conservation efforts.

The island's rainforest and volcano are the perfect spot to be at one with nature and take in the breathtaking scenery. All while hanging out with the local population of mischievous green vervet monkeys.

Steeped in history, Nevis boasts world-renowned hotels which are built from former sugar plantations or colonial manors, guaranteeing privacy and relaxation for those lucky enough to stay there.

With a lack of cruise ships or long-haul flights stopping on the island, a tranquil oasis is guaranteed for those looking for pure relaxation and serenity. Indeed, the only traffic or hubbub you’re likely to encounter is from wild donkeys!

Health and well-being is part of the island’s charm and honeymooners can bathe in volcanic springs at a toasty 41°C. Healthy foods like mangos are also in abundance, as is fresh Caribbean seafood dishes.

Unlike other Caribbean islands, Nevis remains largely untouched and unchanged by the growing demands of mass tourism. This allows honeymooners to enjoy an authentic, romantic island experience.

For the sports inclined, there’s plenty on offer, from the Nevis - St. 
Kitts Cross Channel Swim (at 3KM long), to the International Triathlon, which is known as the most beautiful triathlon in the world.

Music lovers can indulge in the annual Nevis Blues festival which ranks among the best music festivals in the Caribbean. The magic of this festival is its intimacy and the amazing setting – right on the beach!

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