If you’re struggling to find wedding shoes- here are some pointers to make sure you’re not just follwing the latest trend or choosing shoes you think you ought to. 

What's your style?

What's your style?

Find a design that suits the outfit and particularly the personality of the bride

Your dress might be traditional, but the shoes are where your personality can shine! The pop of a bright colour, or a unique pattern can bring your whole outfit to life.

Comfort consideration is of importance as you will be dancing the night away in them.

You don't want sore feet to ruin your big day and stop you from dancing the night away!

Shoes that can also be cherished after the special day.

Wedding shoes aren't just for the big day; get the mileage out of your bespoke stilettos long after you say "I do" by picking a design you love, and that you can wear again and again

A design that transports you to that Cinderella moment.

It's not just the dress that should make every bride feel beautiful; the shoes should as well. Walking down the aisle in a pair that perfectly match your outfit will make you feel like a princess, from head to toe.

Have fun, and even make them unique - like my new 'Aisle Max' trainer

It doesn't hurt to have a pair of flats on hand to get you to the church on time!

Article by Get Me To The Church (W).

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