It's easy- You don't have to worry about ensuring every one of your guests has an individual meal- they can help themselves to as much or as little as they want.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

You can cater for all dietary needs- If you have lactose intolerant, gluten free or vegetarian guests attending your wedding you can get a pizza that will suit all. Just make sure it's clearly marked or others might eat it before they get a look in!

There's plenty of variety- You can have one of every flavour so guests are not restricted to just one or two types and can keep going back up for more.

It's cheaper than a set meal- Set meals are more civilised- but they cost the earth- pizza is casual and messy but you won't put yourself in debt for serving it on your wedding day.

You can tie it in with your cake- Some couples have opted to have a tiered pizza wedding cake on their big day so it ties in with the food- and why not?!

It makes for an original photo- Rather than feeding each other cake- the bride and groom stuff a slice of pizza in each other's mouth- just be careful not to get any on the bridal gown!

It's relaxed- A three course dinner can be a very stuffy affair, buffet style food is far more chilled. People don't feel like they have to put on all their heirs and graces and can just be themselves.

It's reflective of the couple- If the couple getting married never eats a three course meal at the dining room table at home then it might be more in-keeping with their normal eating habits to serve something like pizza. Why change for one day? They should embrace who they really are and what they enjoy not try to be something they're not.

Everyone loves pizza- Pizza is a weekly meal time staple in many a household- everyone enjoys it, so you can guarantee that your guests will be happy with the spread you've put on for them.

It's colourful- Having a table filled with vegetables, cheese and meat laden dough will certainly brighten the place up a bit. The smell of this Italian classic will certainly make everyone's mouth water and get them ready for a slice or two.

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