There are so many key moments on a wedding day- the cutting of the wedding cake, the first kiss after the vows and the speeches; however more and more couples are taking the first dance to the extreme. In fact 22% of couples are now opting for a choreographed routine for their big day, as many feel that a slow dance is just not a good enough reflection of their spirt or their dancing capabilities!

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Standing in the middle of  dance floor with all eyes on you can be off-putting so couples are diverting the attention to their moves rather than their longing looks at one another and kisses while alternating from foot to foot.

Since Strictly Come Dancing, Stepping Out and Got to Dance, couples have become inspired to use their wedding day to showcase their commitment to dance and physical compatibility with one another.

First dance songs are no longer slow, brides and grooms are choosing something more upbeat.

QHotels Marketing Director, Claire Rowland said: “Every bride and groom wants their wedding to stand out and be personal to them, and the first dance is no exception. A traditional slow dance to a classic romantic ballad does not suit everyone and we encourage all couples to express themselves and celebrate their individuality, as at QHotels, we do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to weddings.Today’s couples are opting for performance-quality, Strictly-style routines that are unique and memorable instead of simply sentimental.”

To prove the point we take a look at some case studies who have been there and done that in a bid to encourage more couples to follow in their footsteps- both metaphorically and literally!

Matthew (now 28) and Elli (now 24)

Matthew and Elli got married on September 3rd, 2011 and chose the song from Dirty Dancing 'I've had the time of my life’.

‘We watched the dance in the film, and picked the main bits from it plus filled up some gaps by choreographing those ourselves. We practiced in our little living room for the few weeks leading up to the wedding. Playing, pausing and rewinding the film! That was good fun, we had many laughs! Whilst planning the wedding, we were having trouble finding a song that we both liked, that was a 'love song' (a lot of the music we both share an interest in, we found sang about something not really appropriate for a wedding!) I (Elli) knew I wanted a song that was pretty well known, so that when listening to the radio it may come on every now and then, which would and does trigger this lovely memory of our special day, and with this being so iconic we do occasionally hear it, and it has been played at quite spontaneous moments which is nice! Everyone remembers it as our song, so at Christmas do's, and other weddings we have attended, someone always ends up requesting it and goading us into (embarrassingly) recreating the dance again! It's great!

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