Collette Gould and her partner Danny are both Avon Sales Leaders and they won a trip to New York because their business was doing so well. However they would remember it for more than just a work's perk.

Danny and Collette

Danny and Collette

After Collette called her daughter to wish her a happy birthday when they arrived, the couple struggled to get back off to sleep. To get rid of their jet lag, they decided to take a stroll around the streets of New York and ended up in Times Square in the middle of the night.

Danny who had kept a ring in his pocket since they got on the plane at Heathrow decided that it was the perfect time and place to propose- so he did.

The next day they celebrated with their work colleagues at the New York head office.

Collette says: ' We first met in August 2012 after chatting online for several weeks and we clicked immediately. People always say you know when you meet the one and now I understand what they mean! I always thought we'd get married at some point but I was so shocked when I turned around in Times Square and there Danny was on one knee! I was absolutely thrilled, it was such a magical setting and made the weekend in New York even more special.'

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