It’s a given that SOME wedding expectations have changed over the years such as almonds as wedding breakfast favours and tiered wedding cakes. There are still a few that continue to stick around however, so we explore why they’re important to the wedding party and guests.

The bride should wear white...

The bride should wear white...

The couple should pay for the wedding themselves- It’s the couple who’ve chosen to get married, and they’re the ones who make the decision on all aspects of the big day. Now that so many couples consist of TWO people who work, it might be considered a little cheeky to ask parents to pitch in, or worse ask the bride’s parents to foot the entire bill. If the couple can’t afford a big do, then they may need to arrange their day to suit their budget instead or wait until they have saved the sum they need.  

Not seeing their partner before the wedding- It’s understandable that if a couple haven’t spent a night apart since they got together- they might want to feel what it’s like to miss each other- making the reunion all the more special. In addition, if a couple were to sleep in the same bed the night before their big day- chances are they would worry each other into the early hours about all the things that could go wrong!

Having something blue, borrowed and new- It’s something that many wives-to-be believe will bring luck and who does the bride think she is to question if it’s superstition or if it’s truth. It’s not worth the risk!

Not allowing the groom to see the dress- Every bride wants the genuine reaction from their groom as they see her in a brand new dress for the first time. If he’s seen it before, the only real surprise is the make-up and hair which doesn’t make for a great photo opportunity.

Getting married in a church- Couples who aren’t necessarily religious still prefer to get married in a church. Even if they don’t go to services often or at all, they still want the appropriate backdrop for one of the biggest events of their life.

For guests to bring something- In exchange for a free lunch, appetisers, entertainment, evening meal and drinks, it’s polite to at least bring a card.

The bride is expected to wear white/ivory- Very few brides have married in another colour. It’s tradition as well as expectation. Even though many couples will have consummated their physical relationship long before the wedding night, it’s nice when brides pretend to be squeaky clean.  

Being carried over the threshold- If the groom doesn’t carry the bride over the threshold- anything could go wrong in their home or their marriage and no couple wants to put that theory to the test.

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