53% of women say they would hire a male stripper for their hen party according to research with buff butlers revealed as the preferred type of entertainer.

The men are proud to be doing it

The men are proud to be doing it

Their survey of over 1000 women found that people would prefer a butt butler to a costumed stripper or Dreamboys night out. With the rise of more sophisticated, non-traditional hen parties, there are a many reasons why buff butlers have become such a popular form of hen party entertainment.

You can hire them for a dinner party

Getting married is expensive. To save money, a lot of women are moving away from the indulgent celebrations and organising events that are more low-key. Dinner parties are an increasingly popular hen party activity and buff butlers make the ideal companion for them. They can do everything from waiting on guests to making cocktails.

It is more elegant than other male strippers

Buff butlers are not exactly synonymous with stripping. There is an element of modesty to a buff butler experience. They are not fully naked so it is more playful, relaxed and friendly. “Anyone can whip their clothes off,” the CEO of Bufflers, Adam Davey, explains. “Only few have the mannerisms and sophistication of butlers in the buff.”

The fiancé won’t be jealous

Hiring a stripper might sound like something that will ruffle the feathers of the husband-to-be. However, Hen Party Superstore’s survey found that men are generally comfortable with the idea of their finances having a buff butler. After all, the appeal is not essentially the nudity; buff butlers are considered to be more light-hearted entertainment.

A little bashful? Don’t worry about it

If nudity is a problem for you, one of the nice things about butlers in the buff is that they don’t necessarily have to wear nothing under the apron. You don’t need to see their bare bums; you can always request boxer briefs if you or your guests are a tad bashful.

They are more than just a pretty face and a good body

Let’s face it: anyone hiring a buff butler for a hen party wants a handsome stud to turn up. However, bachelorettes are paying for a lot more than just their looks. Most buff butlers are recruited not only based on their attractiveness but on their personality too. They are charismatic, polite and charming.

There are plenty of party games involved

Life drawing games, human pyramids, sports games and balloon challenges; there are a variety of games that butlers in the buff can help organise for your hen party and will gladly partake in.

The men are proud to be doing it

The stereotypical idea of a stripper is someone begrudgingly taking off their clothes because they need the money. That is not the case with buff butlers. The men are almost always happily employed. Their job is not a secret they keep from their families, for instance. In fact, according to Butlers In The Buff, “most butlers are put forward by their mum or girlfriend”.

They are available for all kinds of events across the country

Whether it is a home appearance or arriving at a particular venue, whether you are hosting a poolside party or you are gathering on the beach, the men can accommodate your every need. It doesn’t matter where you are in the United Kingdom either.

Even your parents and grandparents can enjoy it

It is becoming more and more common for bachelorettes to invite their parents, and even their grandparents, on their hen party. Booking a traditional stripper with the mother and grandmother present somewhat awkward to say the least, but that is not the case with a buff butler. “We even provide butlers for 90th birthday parties,” says the CEO of Butlers In The Buff. “It’s a standard request and a household name”.

They will even tidy up afterwards

There is only one thing better than a handsome, half-naked man who is happy to serve you: a handsome, half-naked man who is willing to serve you and clean up afterwards.

Research by Hen Party Superstore