Children are these days becoming less appreciative of traditional Christmas gifts according to a new survey - and it's all down to an over-reliance on technology.

Do your children remember what they got last Christmas?

Do your children remember what they got last Christmas?

A fifth of kids don't remember the presents they got just last year, but a mirror image four out of five parents still have fond memories of the items they received in their youth.

Carried out on behalf of Stagecoach Theatre Arts School, the study spoke to over 2,000 adults and found that seven in 10 of those polled still own treasured presents decades after they first got them. The same number believe that they were truly appreciative as a child of the gifts they were given at Christmas, even more so than children do these days, and a whopping 60% wish their children would play with the gifts they get for longer.

The top reason given as to why they become uninterested so quickly is that the kids receive too many presents.

70% have worries that high-tech gifts have become so dominant that they're now replacing traditional play, which backs up findings from a previous Stagecoach study, showing that parents are concerned that techonology is having a negative impact on the social skills of their child.

When describing their ideal gift, almost half of adults spoken to believe it most important to find a gift that sparks the child's imagination.

Managing Director at Stagecoach, Sarah Kelly said: "This research provides a fascinating insight into how the appreciation of gifts has changed over the generations, as well as highlighting parents' concerns over technology related gifts.

"We can't stem the flow of new technology, so it's important to find ways to ensure children continue to interact and engage with one another. Traditional games are more sociable, but I'm sure most parents will agree that finding memorable gifts year after year can be challenging.

"That's why this year we've launched Stagecoach gift vouchers as an inspiring alternative. Our classes train youngsters in drama, dance and singing and aim to fire the imagination. It's a pretty unique gift that will hopefully be remembered for years to come."

Mother and television presenter Angellica Bell knows all about inspiring children through presents, and added:

"When I was little I used to play with toys and games which required me to use my imagination and helped develop my social skills. I encourage my children to play similar games and don't actually allow them to use a tablet or any tech devices. I feel nowadays they can be used as a substitute for activities which can spark a child's imagination and encourage social interaction.

"That's why Stagecoach gift vouchers offer a memorable alternative to all of the other bog standard Christmas gifts. Attending weekly classes will help build their confidence and give them vital skills which they can use for many years to come."

Further details about the vouchers are available at or by calling 0800 915 915.

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