Claire Underwood

Claire Underwood

Claire Underwood’s complex character in House of Cards is one of the real highlights of Season two - self-assured, focused and pragmatic, she knows what she wants and is determined to get it. Refreshingly, Claire is defined by so much more than her marriage to Frank Underwood, and in her ruthless quest for power, it’s obvious why she’s earned the moniker ‘Ice Queen’.

A cold and emotionless ice queen probably isn’t something any of us would aspire to be, however, Claire goes by her rules and shows us why it’s okay to be selfish and ambitious.

1) Getting to where we want to be in life is tough and the path is often and riddled with obstacles, but Claire doesn’t dwell on failures, she simply picks herself up and moves on. She understands that success requires effort and is prepared to put the hard work in to achieve her goals, learning from mistakes is the only way to improve and it’s this practical approach that helps to drive her forward.

2) Put yourself first – not only does Claire consider what she wants at every step of the way (selfish? No way!), she looks after her emotional and physical health too. Regular late-night runs around the park keep her fighting fit. Claire doesn’t waste her time and energy on anger, jealousy or other destructive emotions. If someone wrongs her, she just focuses her energy on getting even.

3) Claire is stylish and pulled together and at all times with her classic and considered wardrobe. She knows what suits her and buys a few high-quality items that can be mixed and matched to create a signature look that makes the most of her enviable figure, without ever looking cheap or too try-hard. This is something we can all learn from - ‘buy less and buy classic.’

4) An air of gravitas – wouldn’t it be nice if every time you offered an opinion it was met with approval, and every time you spoke the room fell quiet and people actually listened? Calm and collected every step of the way, Claire has managed to create an air of mystery around her that demands respect from others. Not one for small-talk, she is always direct and to the point and everything she says has been thought through from every angle before she speaks.

5) Although we’re by no means suggesting that Frank and Claire Underwood’s rather unconventional marriage is something to aspire to, it works for her. She understands marriage is a partnership with an equal balance of power and they make sacrifices together to create a life that they both want. They are completely honest with each other and support each other through every challenge life throws at them; they might not be entirely faithful to each other in the traditional way but they remain faithful to their unwavering partnership at all times. For those of us who choose to remain monogamous, we can still aspire to achieve a balance of power in our relationships and ensure that both halves of the couple are given the same opportunities for happiness and success.

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