An Australian doughnut maker has celebrated London Fashion Week by creating a special range of doughnuts inspired by famous catwalk models.

Fashion icon doughnuts

Fashion icon doughnuts

Doughnut Time has made the Catwalk Legends, which was inspired by catwalk icons including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne, and the products will be available to purchase for a limited time during this year's fashion week.

The three doughnuts are named Kate Floss, which is covered in pink icing and has been topped with candy floss and an edible cigarette.

The Cara-mel Delevingne sweet treated is decorated with a caramel glaze, black drizzle in the shape of the star's eyebrows, as well as a gold leaf and sugar pearls.

The set is finished with the Naomi Crumble doughnut, which has an apple flavoured leopard-print glaze, and is topped with biscuit crumble and a sugar paper mobile phone.