Eating crunchy foods could be the key to losing weight.

Snacking on crunchy foods can aid weight loss

Snacking on crunchy foods can aid weight loss

New research shows that humans eat up to half as fast when they have to chew more and feel fuller more quickly, meaning that they consume less food.

Experts gave 50 people four similar lunches - two of which were classified as ultra-processed and two that were minimally processed.

One meal in each category was harder and crunchier, making it more difficult to eat quickly.

It was found that people consumed 26 per cent fewer calories when their lunch had a harder texture as the meals could not be gobbled up rapidly.

Harder meals included boiled rice, a crunchy salad and a chewy chicken breast.

Professor Ciaran Forde, senior author of the study from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, said: "We now have more than a decade of evidence that people choosing textures which encourage them to eat more slowly, like crunchier, harder or chewier foods, can help to consume fewer calories, while still feeling equally satisfied.

"What is appealing in using meal textures to change behaviour and intake is that people can still enjoy eating the foods they like, while reducing the risk of over-consumption.

"It means people can still enjoy a meal and eat until comfortably full, without having to feel restricted."