A simple injection into the scalp could prevent baldness.

A simple injection can prevent baldness

A simple injection can prevent baldness

Boffins say that injecting fat cells into the scalp could stop or even reverse hair loss as the process has been found to unlock growth stimulants that reduce follicle damage.

The technique could assist the millions of men who suffer pattern baldness at an early age as well as patients of both sexes whose hair has fallen out for medical reasons.

Experts at the Iran University of Medical Sciences harvested fat cells from the stomachs and legs of 20 male and female liposuction patients and injected around 20ml under the skin of those suffering from hair loss - where they reduced cell damage and provided a boost to scalp health.

Study author Dr. Azadeh Goodarzi said: "The regenerative cells can secrete various growth factors and induce hair regrowth.

"This can be considered a new and potentially effective treatment method for hair loss and alopecia."

The boffin added that people involved in the research experienced "improved hair density and diameter" with minor side effects such as bruising.