A patrol officer was shocked when he came across a car made entirely of snow.



According to the Nebraska State Patrol, the trooper tried to pull over a replica Mustang made completely of snow in Chadron, and the force was impressed with the effort that'd gone into the unusual project.

They wrote: ''Sgt. Downing came across an awesome find yesterday in Chadron. Now this is artwork! #SnowPony''

Discovering the snowy piece of art, Gordon Downing could be heard exclaiming in surprise: ''What the heck?''

He was flabbergasted that someone had actually made a snowcar - just like people make snowmen - and couldn't believe they had actually detailed the car to be like a Mustang.

He said: ''Some people make snowmen. Not the people in the northwest corner of the panhandle -- they make snow cars, snow Mustangs.''