The existence of UFOs is an "open secret" in the US military.

US military men know about the existence of UFOs

US military men know about the existence of UFOs

A trio of high-ranking Air Force and intelligence veterans are set to discuss their knowledge of the flying objects under oath in a landmark US Congress hearing on Wednesday (26.07.23).

Lieutenant Ryan Graves, a former pilot with more than a decade of service in the US Navy, is to testify that his squadron regularly noticed unidentified craft when they were stationed off the coast of Virginia in 2014.

Congress will also hear testimony from intelligence agency veteran David Grusch – who made extraordinary claims about an illegal UFO crash retrieval programme last month.

Republican politician Tim Burchett, who is part of the UFO committee, said: "The Pentagon and Washington bureaucrats have kept this information hidden for decades, and we're finally going to shed some light on it.

"We're bringing in credible witnesses who can provide public testimony because the American people deserve the truth. We're done with the cover-ups."