Every now and then we feel that a book that is particularly good and very relevent may have not recieved the acclaim that it deserved. We have one here that may have slipped under the radar, that is very relevent for any woman looking to forge a career in the world of technology and is well worth a revisit.

Author Sonal Shah

Author Sonal Shah

The book ' She Chose Tech' by Sonal Shah is the book and the subject it covers all women that want to build a career in tech business will find it inspiring, full of practical advice, and full of first class advice.

About the Book

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She Chose Tech

The essential guide to inspire and empower women in tech.

According to the 2023 ‘Women in Tech’ survey only 26% of tech professionals are women, and at a time when our future is being shaped by technology, more diversity is needed to ensure everyone is being fairly represented. Sonal Shah’s new book She Chose Tech is here to enable that by demystifying the world of technology and inspiring women to take up a career in the industry. Through the book, she invites them into a world where knowledge becomes empowerment, and anyone can reach their full potential.

Sonal Shah is a speaker, coach, vice president in banking, and tech advocate with over 20 years of corporate experience. She has navigated both the business and technology world and, having often found herself a minority in these sectors, is a passionate advocate for gender parity and diversity. 

Crafted with simplicity as its guiding principle, She Chose Tech beckons anyone curious about tech, from the student at the beginning of their career or the seasoned professional looking for a change to those wanting to expand their knowledge of this dynamic sector.

The book unpacks the exciting reality and potential of working in the industry, an essential guide to understanding the pulse of the ever-evolving tech landscape. Sonal quickly unravels complex concepts, dispelling popular myths, offering practical advice and digging deep into must-know tech subjects such as AI, Crypto and Blockchain. The book's ultimate aim is to demystify the enigma of the tech world and illuminate the possibilities for anyone seeking to carve a niche in the industry.

She Chose Tech also covers topics such as how best to apply personal branding, tips for successful networking and how to battle imposter syndrome, plus insights on the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion when it comes to the future of the industry.

She Chose Tech is an essential read, explaining core topics and some typical job roles, offering advice on how to get into the tech industry and providing inspiring stories from interviews with trailblazing women, including that of the insightful Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE. Readers will come away from this book with a new awareness and knowledge of the sector, and for those considering a tech career, the confidence to kickstart their own journey successfully.

She Chose Tech is published by Panoma Press and available on Amazon.