To see an octopus in your dream could mean that you are entangled in some matter in your waking hours.

We find out what it means to dream about an octopus

We find out what it means to dream about an octopus

Perhaps you are so involved in something that you can’t see a way out.

On the other hand, it could indicate that your judgment is being clouded by someone or something and you can’t think clearly as a result.

Consider how you are within your relationships. Perhaps the dream is warning you that you are being too clingy or possessive with a friend, partner or even a work colleague. Your behaviours might be all consuming and you are smothering other people as a result. You are being over motherly to others when they might not need your help or concern.  

It could be time to give them some space and trust that they will make the right choices.

Along the same vein, you may be trying to control someone or someone is trying to have power over everything you do.

If you saw two octopuses in your dream, then you might be witnessing a co-dependent relationship in your waking life and you are worried about the people involved. Or perhaps you are in a co-dependent relationship and you need to break away from it or the habits that it has created.

Another thought is that an octopus represents multitasking- perhaps you have taken on too much at once and it’s taking its toll on your health. Or maybe you are trying to head in too many different directions and need to pick just one.

On the flipside- you may need to approach a situation from another angle or several different ones if you have been focusing on just one.

Similarly, you may be influencing people in number of ways. You are able to take control of many different things at once and it doesn’t faze you which has earned you respect along the way.