The simple answer is ‘because you don’t know what you don’t know’. Let me explain. 

Life Coach Dan Warburton

Life Coach Dan Warburton

You have a way the world occurs for you which is different to how it occurs for everyone else. No occurrence of the world is right or wrong, it is just as it is - how we each experience the world.

What shapes our occurrence of the world is everything we know and everything we don’t know. Yet all great insights come from an alternative realm which is usually out of sight to us. The realm of:

I don’t know what it is I don’t know, and I don’t even know that I don’t know it.

This is the realm I help my clients discover!

I was once approached by someone working in a high-end position for a major charity, but she wasn’t happy. She was not pursuing her passion to create events that hosted A-list celebrities.

She had done what many do and given up on that dream and settled for second best. From the outside she looked like a success.

When I began coaching her it was clear she knew how to raise money for charity events, how to keep her boss happy by working over-time and how to pitch big event ideas to investors. She had years of experience and lots of knowledge and expertise.

She thought her problem was that she didn’t know how to make a proposal to A-listers. She had learnt new skills and even compiled a list of celebrity agents, but she could never get herself organized and focused. Something was stopping her from taking the important actions she needed to create the prestigious events she’d envisioned for years.

Part way through a session I asked her: “What would happen if you pitched an idea to an A-list celebrity and they didn’t like it?”

She was silent a while.

Then she buried her face in the palms of her hands and said. “Oh my  - no!”

“What insight are you gaining?”

She replied: “I’m scared they’ll think I’m not good enough. I had no idea!”

This was the start of a huge transformation. She had no previous idea that a deeply buried belief of I’m not good enough had been running the show. Yet up until this coaching conversation that belief had dominated her entire life - without her ever knowing it.

Since then she’s been able to break free of this previously subconscious occurrence and has held a series of events hosting A-list celebrities and members of the British Royal Family too.

Without  investing in a coach, it’s likely she’d never have had such a life transforming insight and she’d have carried on for the rest of her life never fulfilling her potential.

I and many of my clients are now living a great lifestyle but only because we’ve invested in being coached to break free of our limitations and be guided to take the right actions.

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