1952 Avon Advertisment

1952 Avon Advertisment

As we all know, times have been hard over the past couple of years and truth is it's unlikely to get any easier in the next few.

It seems to be that many people are breaking the trend of a 9-5 job and setting up their own business, or even doing extra work in the evenings and on the weekends. How else are you going to stay afloat of the ever-building pile of bills?

One popular way finding the extra cash is working for Avon. In recent years they have seen an increase in the number of men signing up to work for them and families too.

Linda Gulliver is one of these sucess stories. She is currently an independent Avon Sales Leader after starting in 2005 and running it around a part-time job as a PA. She says: "My Avon business was going so well I decided to focus on making it a success and gave up my secretarial post. 

"When he saw the great earnings potential, my husband, Andy, gave up his full-time job as an aviation engineer to run an Avon enterprise too.  Seeing how much satisfaction we were getting from running our own enterprises, my daughter started up her own Avon business.  She initially wanted to pay the phone bill but is now recruiting her own team."

This year the ever-expanding company celebrates 125 years this year and boasts that it sells four lipsticks and two mascaras every second somewhere across the globe.

Sharon Cottingham and her family have also been working for the company since the 70s, something that she hopes will continue with her own daughter.

One in three women in the UK is an Avon customer and more and more of us seem to be working for the company. Will you be one to join in and earn some extra money?

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