Holly Harvey writes an exclusive piece for Female First
Holly Harvey writes an exclusive piece for Female First

It is often said that employees are a company’s most important asset. Whilst this is undoubtedly true, it only holds weight if the workforce is truly engaged, adds value to the team and helps take the business forward.

With a recent report suggesting that only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs, it is time to re-assess how businesses encourage employee engagement to fully capitalise on the talent and energy that workforces can offer.

According to a recent national research survey in the UK, 62% of employees hardly ever - or never - feel appreciated within their work environment and 68% are not happy with their current employee benefits package. However, 72% of employees suggest they would work harder if they received more appropriate recognition and reward benefits from their employers.

With most people spending a majority of their adult lives at work - over 80,000 hours – the workplace needs to be an environment where employees are happy and feel supported, to constantly remain engaged and enthused.

The property sector has long been a relatively static industry, caught in traditional practices and established ways of working. However, today a far greater focus is being placed on workplace culture, with employees expecting more from their working environment than ever before. A nine -to-five suit environment just doesn’t cut it anymore. The workforce of today is savvy and are looking for more.

Therefore, companies need to transform how they are treating their employees to meet the expectations of the modern workforce. Undoubtedly, this requires a far more holistic approach to encouraging greater employee engagement.

Encouraging fresh perspectives

By offering fresh fruit in the office, yoga classes, mindfulness workshops, and discounted gym memberships, a positive mental outlook during the working day can be made possible.

Encouraging employees to take a break, even to walk around the block to clear their minds and come back to work refreshed, will help them to remain engaged throughout the day. Taking a proper lunch break and even encouraging one-to-one meetings on foot outside are all initiatives that can be easily implemented and will instantly improve office wellbeing. This will in turn boost their mental and physical health, helping to alleviate stress and ultimately approach the day with a better attitude.

Employee benefits that match their values

With the rise of the millennial workforce, traditional workplace norms have been moved aside. Companies need to provide benefits that match their employees’ values and it’s time for big corporates and sectors like property to see the value in this.

In a recent survey, 82% of millennials highlighted the importance for companies to promote the health and wellness of their employees, demonstrating a greater concern with programmes that promote personal development, rather than just purely traditional financial benefits.

For example, providing a series of development classes could help employees increase their skills and boost their sense of personal achievement, or funding boot camp fitness classes that encourage healthy living could have a positive impact on staff engagement. Being more confident in their professional capabilities will not only be good for their self-esteem but will make for a more successful employee who is motivated and engaged at work.

Promoting collaboration

Bringing work colleagues together through wellness programmes and initiatives can promote a sense of camaraderie through having a shared purpose. By having the same core goals, employees construct more successful working relationships which often inspires innovation through teamwork.

Promoting an environment of collaboration rather than competition not only fuels the creative drive needed behind any successful business, but it also helps to establish a positive workplace culture where employees feel comfortable to voice ideas and pursue new initiatives, ultimately putting more into their job role.

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