Times have changed in the world of work, with whole industries, such as Tech, changing in the last decade, the jobs market continues to change. Roles that parents would never have considered or even had the chance to consider are plentiful.

New research from Reed.co.uk reveals how industries have evolved. It showed that one in five parents admit they are clueless about their child's career. It also comes to know surprise that four in five workers have taken a different career path to their mum and dad.

Reed's most recent Job Index reported a healthy jobs market seeing employment opportunities rise 24% year on year. In particular, the number of Technology jobs advertised has increased by 24% compared with the same time last year, whilst the number of Engineering jobs on offer has increased by 32%.

Commenting on the latest figures, Lynn Cahillane, Communications Manager at reed.co.uk said "With more and more innovation in today's job market, it's no wonder so many parents are out of touch with what their child does for a living. When looking for your next step on the career ladder, it's important to strike the right balance between seeking advice from your parents and researching the latest industry developments to find the perfect job for you. With such a vast range of jobs available, it's important to exhaust all avenues."

Parents are being left in the dark with the new jobs their children are doing

Parents are being left in the dark with the new jobs their children are doing

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