Alan Carr met his idol Celine Dion while dressed head-to-toe in her tour merchandise.

Alan Carr

Alan Carr

The 42-year-old comedian looked like a "crazy stalker" after his friend Adele sent him and his husband Paul Drayton to Las Vegas shortly after their wedding to watch the 'A New Day has Come' hitmaker in concert and he came face-to-face with her for the first time while wearing leggings, a hoodie and hat from her gig support stall.

Speaking on Jessie Ware's Table Manners podcast, he said: "A limo with 'Just Married' on turns up outside, and we all get in and go to this private jet, and she flies us to see Celine Dion! So I've drunk and eaten the whole day and I'm all blotchy and we see this Celine Dion merchandise stand.

"And I think 'Oh I can't wait to get the leggings on, get the hoodie on, the hat, all that. So I'm relaxed. I've got my suit in my carrier bag, and as we turn the corner to the gig we go into this room, and a curtain comes down and I just hear Celine Dion go: 'I believe congratulations are in order!' And I said 'Oh my god Adele! You never told me we were meeting her!' and I am top to toe in Celine merchandise...'

"I just said: 'This isn't what it looks like! I have got married, I'm not a stalker or some mad fan!' But she was so lovely. It was such an amazing day."

Alan recently revealed that Adele actually paid for his whole wedding, which was staged in her back garden in Los Angeles in January, and got ordained for it.

The funny man explained: "It was a very special day. She was amazing. She got ordained. I said, 'Let me pay for something,' and she said: No, I'm paying.' "