Angelina Jolie threw a Halloween costume party for the 'Eternals' cast.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

The 46-year-old actress donned a giraffe outfit and "black heels" when she hosted a party two years ago when the star-studded cast were shooting the movie in the Canary Islands.

Lia McHugh revealed: “It was a pre-COVID celebration. It was really fun.”

Lauren Ridloff and Brian Tyree Henry won the best costume accolade for their 'Midsommar' outfits, while Gemma Chan went as Uma Thurman's character in 'Pulp Fiction' and Richard Madden kept to the Halloween theme and dressed as a skeleton.

Lia noted to Variety: "I was dressed as an angel".

But Kumail Nanjiani turned down the invitation because he had the chance to spend time with his wife Emily V. Gordon.

He said: “I did get an invite but I actually didn’t go because we were shooting on location and I finished a couple of days before them, and Emily was back in London so I decided to fly back and be with her instead of going to this amazing costume party."

Later in the year, Salma Hayek hosted the cast and crew for a festive party, and she and Angelina teamed up to arrange for an on set craft market so people could do their Christmas shopping.

Salma explained: “We were so busy nobody could go shopping so we got local artists to bring their things and sell homemade things and handmade things. It was so lovely. They were there the whole day.”

Salma - who has 14-year-old Valentina with husband François-Henri Pinault - recently discovered the "meaningful" friendship she'd made with Angelina on the set of the film.

She said: "There's the aspect of the mom that is good with the kids and the mom that understands then that motherhood is a cult.

"You know we have to help each other, we have to talk to each other. And it's very important to find those moms that say, 'Yeah, we are together ... We can get this done.'

"And then it was like a joy to work with, and we have some of the same interests, and then we met at a time in our lives where we just want two things: meaningfulness, like relationships and friendships that are meaningful ... and joy. We just want joy."

And Angelina - who has six children with ex-husband Brad Pitt - admitted she is often a "heavy" person who tends not to socialise on set, but she couldn't resist the "warmth" of her co-star.

She said: "I could tell as soon as she walked into the room she just carried this warmth and she just takes care of everybody in the room, that's who she is...

"So I think she also saw me and I don't socialise very much, and I can kind of be a bit heavy, not unlike my character. And she has this warmth of, 'It's going to be OK.' And there's a scene in the film, which is, that's very us, and I think bonded us."