'13 Reasons Why' and 'Night School' actress Anne Winters is receiving treatment for malnutrition.

Anne Winters thanked her 'support system' amid her battle with malnutrition

Anne Winters thanked her 'support system' amid her battle with malnutrition

The 29-year-old star has detailed her struggle to "get help", both accepting it and finding a facility that has availability in the US and thanked her "support system", including her followers on social media who voiced their concerns about her worryingly low weight, as she "didn't realise" she "needed" to "be here".

In an Instagram video recently, she shared: “Guys! I’m so excited, because guess what, I received the gift of help this week. I know you a lot of you guys have been really worried about me on Instagram, and I also have been keeping up with my doctor and things like that, ’cause I wasn’t trying to get like this. I wasn’t trying to get this skinny, I don’t want to be this skinny either.”

She continued: “I want to just let everyone know, it’s really freakin’ hard to get help. I know we all talk about mental health, and just go and get help, but you guys think this is easy, like 1, 2, 3,” Anne continued. Now let me just tell ya, wanting and accepting help is like ground zero. Then you’ve got the insurance, the government, the cost, the finding where they have the availability. A lot of places for this particular thing, for your body, only take 26 and under year olds. So, I’m flying to one place in country after searching with help, thank god, to find a place to go. I mean, it’s honestly insane. (sic)"

Anne said: “So, I just want to make it very clear that getting help is very hard nowadays, which is also leading me up to what I want to do with my business, which is making that more accessible, but I’ll tell you guys about that later.

“Good news is I’m going to get back on track so my body’s no longer holding me back!”

Over the weekend, she shared the update: “Made it to treatment. Working on getting permission to post video so u guys can follow the journey with me through this.

“But today…. I am just so grateful for my support system. Didn’t realize I actually needed to be here… I learned when malnutrition takes over- ur mind can convince you your fine- which I felt."

The 'Orville' star explained how she had no idea her body was "maybe on the last leg of survival" because she didn't feel weak and had lots of energy.

She went on: "Never had signs of weakness, been having so much energy, and clear headed.. crazy how my body was maybe on its last leg of survival. I’m shocked. I honestly thought I knew my body better than this. But hey, I’ll admit I was wrong. Thanks guys for all us support… can’t wait to share more of this [rollercoaster] ride. Happy to be here and on the road to my best me yet. (sic)"

On Sunday (05.05.24), she shared on her Instagram Story after her first day of treatment: “Still not able to film or even selfies!!!! Crazy. Day 1 done. My mommy even came to visit me and honestly it’s been a lovely day.

“I love when my life gets forced to be simplified. I have just what I NEED and not a whole lot of luxuries. Makes me appreciate the little things and grateful to be here. Taking time to reflect and heal is honestly my fave. Time well spent. Thank you guys for supporting me!!!”

She added: “Definitely easy keeping busy here- getting everything ready to move out of my house in LA and working on my business in Bali. I’m a busy boss lady … glad I’m here on the fast [track] to my next venture awaiting me … Thankful my mommy is here to help me. ur never too old to need ur momma (sic)"