Brad Pitt felt "giddy" with excitement after driving the track at Silverstone.

Brad Pitt has been filming a new movie at Silverstone

Brad Pitt has been filming a new movie at Silverstone

The 59-year-old Hollywood actor is playing a racing driver in a new movie for Apple TV Plus and the crew was given permission to film at the British race track in Northamptonshire during the Formula One British Grand Prix over the weekend (08-09.07.23) and Brad even got the chance to take an adapted Formula 2 car for a spin around the course in front of spectators in the stands.

Speaking after filming the lap, Brad told Sky Sports News: "I'm a little giddy right now, I've gotta say. And it's just great to be here, man. We're just having such a laugh, such a laugh. Time of my life ... It's just all been great. The vibe is amazing, you know that but just to be a part of it in this way and to tell our story and everyone has been really cool with us. So all the teams have opened their doors for us ... Everyone has been really, really amazing that we can do this and it's going to be really good."

He added of his lap around the track: "It's really humbling. I don't know if you can call mine a hot lap, I'd call it kind of a warm lap. I've taken a few tours unintentionally you know through the grass. But it's been such a high ...

"I really wasn't [nervous] I mean the guys really prepared me well and just a couple of corners I can see the stands but you know on the straights you kinda have a little bit of time to kind of look around. But no, I'm really focused on the lines and what we're trying to create in these moments."

Brad went on to say: "I wanna say for all the arm chair experts out there, you gotta give us a little breathing room, if you see any spin outs or something that looks like it's a stall ... it's by design."

He also gave a little update on the film's plot, revealing he's playing a driver who leaves F1 after a nasty accident but returns to help a struggling team.

Brad explained: "I will be a guy who races in the '90s ... [He has a] horrible crash, kinda c**** out and disappears and then is racing in other disciplines. And then his friend - played by Javier Bardem - is a team owner. They're a last placed team. They’re 21 or 22 on the grid. They've never scored a point. And they have a young phenom, played by Damson Idris, and he brings me in as kind of a hail ary. And hijinks ensue."

When asked if he's hit anything hard during training for the film, Brad replied: "No only my ego."

The film is directed by Joseph Kosinski - the filmmaker behind Tom Cruise's blockbuster ' Top Gun: Maverick' - and features a fictional F1 team called APXGP.

One of the producers on the film is driver Lewis Hamilton and he told reporters at Silverstone he's nervous about bringing such an important project to the screen.

He said: "There are nerves because it is something we’ve been working on for so long. We want everyone to love it and to really feel that we encapsulate what the essence of this sport is all about."