Chris Martin is having a "hard time" at the moment because of his religious upbringing.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin

The Coldplay frontman was brought up as an evangelical Christian and he admits looking back at it has been tough for him but he is slowly "dealing" with it and his own experiences.

He said: "I am having such a hard time in my life right now. And part of dealing with that is going back to look at all that stuff. I could not sing Paint It Black by The Stones because I thought it was evil."

Chris had a method of coping in the past, but he doesn't think the same serves him now.

Speaking on the Howard Stern radio show, he explained: "Any method of coping is a strength when you develop it, but later in your life it might not necessarily serve you anymore."

Meanwhile, Chris previously confessed he swears by meditation and naps.

He said: "I don’t sleep very much in the nighttime. I meditate and also I occasionally take a nap. I was encouraged on that by kickboxer Conor McGregor’s trainer. After we played in Dublin last time, I went to train in a gym and he said the key to life is making yourself lie down for 15 minutes and close your eyes in the afternoon."

And Chris revealed he has given up dairy for the sake of his health.

He added: “I don’t f*** with dairy any more. What’s funny when you’re trying to stay really healthy, there’s still a voice inside you that says, ‘Yeah, but...'

"And my ‘Yeah, but’ voice is about [dairy] because I grew up in Devon, where you basically washed in it. So there’s still a part of me that – despite my body feeling better, and I’m singing better – I would throw it all away for four Weetabix and double cream. And I will have to do that at some point.

"When we first went to America I was wondering why we were getting sick all the time and was wondering it while holding 12 strawberry milkshakes. I did milk a goat the other day, but I didn’t partake."