Chris Martin is set to mentor the ‘American Idol’ contestants on a special Coldplay-themed episode this week.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin

The 44-year-old frontman of the ‘Yellow’ hitmakers will assist the remaining seven contestants on the talent competition on Sunday’s (09.05.21) episode as they each pick a song from Coldplay’s catalogue to perform.

The episode will take place on Mother’s Day in the US, and will see the contestants perform something as a tribute to their own mothers before later getting one on one studio time with Chris, where he will help guide the contenders through the Coldplay songbook for their second performance of the episode.

Chris will then join his Coldplay bandmates for a debut performance of their new single ‘Higher Power’, which will be released on Friday (07.05.21).

Meanwhile, Parlophone's Nick Burgess recently said Coldplay want to make music that "resonates with everyone".

Nick said: “They don’t take anything for granted. Their ambition is to make music as important as the first music they ever made. Chris has this incredible ambition to make music that still resonates with everyone.”

Whilst Parlophone's Mark Mitchell added: “It’s kind of unlike previous Coldplay campaigns because before, often there’s been one or maybe two singles and then an album quite quickly.

“I think part of the reason why they are probably still the biggest band in the world is that they’re very conscious of not wanting to live in their bubble.

“When it comes to getting into a campaign, we always have three or four months of conversation about what’s going on now, what’s the best way to approach this record in today’s market. They’re very interested in what other people are doing.”

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