Chris Martin turns to Shane Warne when he has a "block in music writing".

Chris Martin

Chris Martin

The 44-year-old Coldplay frontman and the 51-year-old former cricket star have been close friends since meeting in a hotel elevator in 2001 and Shane revealed Chris confides in him when he is having trouble with music.

Speaking to Men's Health Australia, Shane explained: "Well, when I catch up with Chris Martin, who’s one of my best friends, we do something really simple. When I go down to his place in LA, we go for a walk up the hill. He’ll go, 'Right, my five first', and he’ll say the five things that are on his mind, whether that’s a block in music writing, whether it’s his children, whatever. And then on the way down, I’ll talk about my five things. And then we sit down and talk about it all."

And Shane said lack of judgement is one of the key factors in their friendship.

He explained: "You talk about normal things like everyone else does. The thing is about friendship – real friends never judge. I don’t judge my friends and they don’t judge me. But they know I’m always there for them, and I know they’re there for me. And even if you haven’t spoken for a year, when you do catch up it’s like you saw them yesterday. There’s no, 'Oh, you didn’t call'. They’re not friends."

Shane and Chris have been good friends for 20 years with Shane previously explaining: "We bumped into each other in a lift in England during the 2001 Ashes series and became very good friends. I went over to his house for dinner in London, we spoke all the time on the phone and hung out a few times. He’s a really good guy.”