Dakota Johnson thinks no-one is acting "normally" because of COVID-19.

Dakota Johnson admits COVID has changed everything

Dakota Johnson admits COVID has changed everything

The 32-year-old actress admits her professional life has been transformed by the ongoing health crisis.

The brunette beauty - who is best known for starring in the 'Fifty Shades' film franchise - said: "The thing is, people are not behaving normally. If you go to a party, you f****** rage."

Dakota currently has a number of projects in the works, including her directorial film debut.

The movie will take place on a mythical island, but Dakota won't give away too many other details for the time being.

She told Town & Country magazine: "We talked about someone else directing, but then I was dreaming about it, having ideas all the time.

"It's in my bones, this story. I'm like, 'Is this too soon?' But it's happening. I'm gonna do it."

Dakota previously co-directed Coldplay's 'Cry Cry Cry' music video, which featured her boyfriend Chris Martin.

And her dad, Don Johnson, recently admitted he would be "happy" if his daughter married the music star.

Don, 71 - who starred in the hit TV series 'Miami Vice' - said: "I don't think much further than about the next seven or eight seconds. But listen, if she's happy, I will be happy, and he's a lovely guy,

"And if she decides to get married, I would imagine that there would be grandchildren not too far out for that. I'd be pretty excited about that part."

Don was also asked whether he's had the serious "where do you see yourself with my daughter?" talk with Chris.

He replied: "We kinda like to wait until they get a little more confident in their position, a little further down the road with each other, then we have the talk."